Monday, August 17, 2009

Tipping & Twitter

I am a waiter in Los Angeles, which means I am waiting for something to happen to get me out of having to wait on tables. I work at an industry popular restaurant that sees it's fair share of celebrity clientele. When I first started there, I would get real excited when a Name would come in and I had to wait on them. "Oh Shit! It's Steve Martin, Rachel Weiss, Chris Cornell, Demi Moore, Duane "The Rock" Johnson..." I would try not to pay too much attention to them and then fuck up their orders because I wasn't listening to what they were saying. After 5 years, the charm has worn off.

They are all people, some nice some not. I recognize them and that's about all the thought they get, unless they are engaging. Most of the people I end up having a connection with I don't recognize until a co-worker points it out. "That's who that is? They're pretty cool."

It's a strange place to be, serving the people who are doing what you want to be doing, living how you want to be living. I want to connect on some other level, that as a peer. I want to say, "I really admire your craft. I would love to work with you someday. Any advice?" They have to know I am here attempting what they are successful at. All waiters in LA are trying to be something else. But that connection doesn't come. That understanding doesn't show. There is no memory or recognition of the life they lived before IT happened for them in the life I am living in front of them. I am the friendly person with no story, no depth, sent to take care of their needs. The ones I do connect with appreciate the challenge I have set up for myself here in LA and they admire my courage to attempt it. They get it. They remember.

Last week an actress came in and sat in my section. She seemed like someone who would get it. Someone who would remember. I think she is a very talented actress and have a lot of respect for her choices. She has done numerous indie films. Some cult favorites. She is on a cable TV show that seems to be doing well. I enjoy it. I love her in it. She sat by herself at a table. Very polite and unassuming. I tried to convey recognition and approval in my eyes without saying anything more than taking her order.

It was a simple, modest meal at a reasonable rate. $13.75 which is reasonable for where I work. I dropped off the check. She looked at it and opened her bag. Her face went beet red. "Oh my God!" She shuffled through the contents. "I left my wallet in my car!" It happens. I could feel her embarrassment radiating off her. "I am soo Sorry!" I felt like I was watching a character in one of her movies. This would totally happen to one of her characters. "It's alright. Why don't you go down to your car and come back up and pay. I trust you." I was smiling amiably. Her face was plastered on billboards all over town. It's not like I wouldn't remember who she was. She wanted to let the manager know she would be back to pay. I knew she would be back. She had to be...

She never came back. My shift ended and her unpaid check was transferred to two different waiters before the day ended and the check was voided out as a loss of $13.75 to the restaurant. Not a big deal to anyone involved but a definite surprise to all that knew the story.

Two days went by, and I was working a full day at the bar. One of our managers received a phone call from the actress' agent wanting to pay the bill. They said she had left town and they were going to pay the bill. I got to process the payment since I was there and it was my check to begin with. They paid the bill, $13.75, no tip. Not a big deal to me financially but the principle of the thing was ridiculous. I put my neck on the line by letting her leave without paying and end up getting screwed. And she couldn't have even screwed me herself she had her agent screw me. Granted the screwing was painless and undetectable.

I decided to Tweet about the incident. I know nothing about Twitter. I follow 21 people and 22 follow me. Mostly hot young girls that want me to look at their webcams. I had only posted five Tweets prior. I would talk about whatever celebrity came in that day. I figured the 40 people following me might find it slightly amusing. There wasn't much else in my life that felt Tweetable. I Tweeted about the actress and the leaving and the agent not tipping. Got it off my chest. Interesting litle anecdote. I went back to watching her show and enjoying her career choices.

She came back in a few days ago. She didn't sit down. She walked in with indignation and stood at the host stand telling the host, who knew all about her and what happened, how her agent or business manager neglected to leave a tip and how she was here to right a wrong. She had him do the math trying to figure out %20 of $13.75. He came up with $3. "Three dollars?" she said proudly, "Can you break a twenty?" The host sent her to the bar for change. The manger at the bar gave her change and she fished out $3. "This is for my waiter from last week." He pointed to me and said, "He's right there. You can give it to him." With her head back and her face beet red she walked over and gave me $3. "Sorry my agent forgot to tip you." The bitterness was saturating every word. It was clear she could not believe she was here for $3. She walked away without smiling. "Thank you." "I'm sorry!" more scorn than apology. She walked off and exited the restaurant. I felt bad for some reason. I was a big fan of hers and I wanted her to know how much it meant that she came back. That gesture said a lot about her character. I chased after her. "Thank you again for coming back to give me this." She stopped and turned her head with disgust and said, "My friend read about it on Twitter!" She turned and walked off.

I wanted to start laughing. I was more surprised that someone read my Tweet than I was by her behavior. Than I started thinking about her and how removed she was from this whole situation, which was her fault, until she was forced to participate by her own vanity. I wasn't a peer to her, I wasn't a fan, I wasn't even a person. I was a nuisance to her routine. I was her fly circling her head. She had no apology. She had no remorse. She couldn't see the humor in the whole thing. She made a big deal about fishing out $3 from her massive cable TV pay check in order to hopefully make herself look good. I gave her what she wanted. I Tweeted good Tweets praising her and her talents. She goes on making a living doing what she loves never having to go back to taking anyone's orders with a smile and I go back to taking it.

Twitter is a powerful tool! If I had the patience and time I would learn how to better let it serve me.


  1. wow youre a great writer. I cant believe this happened to you. I believe it doesnt matter who you are, big or small, tipping is an etiquette.

  2. Dude, she *came back*. I mean I'm not saying this was awesome behavior or anything overall, but it would have been so much easier for her to blow it off completely that I think that ought to count for *something*. If she were really a b*tch she'd've just started her own Twitter and written a nasty note about this waiter who was kicking up a fuss about $3. (Which you had a right to be annoyed about, but if she really thought you were overreacting and were annoyed about it, that would be a more logical course of action.)

    (Incidentally, from the little I know of her my impression is that she's less a jerk than a flake, which would lend a different spin to this...)

  3. I guess it would be too much to expect a human being to say 'I fucked up, I have a cheap business agent and I'm sorry. Here's what I should have tipped you.'?

    I don't care -- we are in a recession and some people are making bank while others are struggling like junkyard dogs -- if Jane Adams doesn't see that she should have employed a bit more grace in the situation -- then phuck her.

  4. sucks dude. just read the slashfood article.

  5. hey i read about what happened to you, man that's gotta suck.

    i'd like to move to l.a. in the future, and i guess now i know that if i see anyone famous i won't tweet about them :)

    you're a great writer btw

  6. Good luck to you.

    You know some of these (no, most of these) Hollywood types seem barely human. Oh they can emote on some xyz-aid telethon and make tax-deductible appearances and all, but when it comes to dealing one on one with another human being, not so much.

    I've never heard of this restarant, this actress, or the TV show she appears on as I pretty much got fed up with TV years ago. But I'd be boycotting all three if it were possible.

    Hopefully you'll get successful and not turn out like her.

    Again, good luck to you, and your child.

  7. Wow, your account of what happened had me hooked. As others have noted here, you have a knack for eloquent writing.

    One thing to note: if I understand correctly, by not giving you a tip she actually *cost* you money, as you probably had to pay a taxes on tips you were 'expected' to earn. (At least this is the way it works at the restaurant my wife waits at). But of course, most people who stiff their waitstaff don't usually think of these things.

    While I think it's good that she came back to give you a tip, but her haughty *better-than-thou* attitude was totally uncalled for and unwarranted, in my opinion. Her attitude completely nullified this supposed act of reconciliation. You are on the right side in this matter.

  8. Hey, because Huffington Post decided to feature your story, i will admit, I'm caught up!

    I am personally on a crusade now, not really on your behalf alone, but for all of us foodslaves, present and former(me)

    I used to be room service captain at Harrah's in Tahoe,(80's) it was my job to cater to showroom headliners. Never had a really bad experience but had some whoa! ones.

    It irks the crap out of me that the famous and not so famous, can't just treat service people with a bit of humanity. Maybe she really was embarrassed, or forgetful..doesn't change the fact she didn't come directly back. I've worked restaurants that would have made YOU pay her check..

    Anyway... At least for a few days I'm a tweeting mofo!! Also, HBO forums, HBO email... I get to chewin on a bone and pretty much desimate it.

    She hasn't even begun to feel humiliated yet!

  9. First let me say you need to copyright your title "how to succeed as a failure" I can see the best seller now! You are a vivid scribe and talk about a universal theme for a film. Sooooo many of us feel that is the story of our lives while we work a not-so-glamourous job in search of the opportunity to be oh-so-glamourous. Meaning actually getting paid for doing what we love! All creative spirits are longing for the lightning bolt of a chance, just a moment to showcase their talents to the right people. This can be your launching pad. Frame that $3 because with such press, people will notice your skills.

    I am a blogger too and feel your pain on sometimes it bites you at work because somehow, someone's friend's cousin's brother-in-law's new girlfriend happens to tell about your blog. I am also looking for the next chapter of my pro career in journalism and although it is flattering that people read my blog or watch a restaurant review on youtube, it is killer that I have to be quasi-censored about content for fear of the grapevine getting back to my teaching gig.

    I hope you pen a sceenplay, write a light summer read, or atleast copyright the rights to the name because everyone can relate to the story of the struggle! Good luck and this Oklahoma gal is rooting for your success. Please remember your first fans when the book comes out, one signed copy for please! Keep writing!

  10. I'm a server also and what she did to you was GODDAMNED ignorant! It's like they just don't give a shit about your existance! I mean, after all you are just a server! She needs to look up CARMA in the dictionary! All that HBO and no F-----' manners!!!

  11. First I'll give her that she truly may have forgotten her wallet and was embarassed. The fact that she came back doesn't mean that she was sorry. She was indignant and snooty while giving you the tip. She came back to save her reputation and face. If she had gone out to her car and had truly forgotten her wallet she should have come back into the restaurant and said that she would have her agent pay the bill. It's the decent thing to do. You made a simple comment on your tweet that she didn't pay. That's all. When it comes to some famous people they have to make sure that anything that is said about them is good, otherwise their career might suffer. No matter who we are in this world, it would be a better place if we all showed a little compassion, common respect and decency towards one another.

  12. Total BS that instead of backing it's longtime employee, Barney's would rather have some D list celebrity's business. You are better off!!!

  13. Had it been any other wealthy customer who nobody knew, you probably wouldn't have twittered about the whole incident, would ya?
    I do think it was in poor taste that she just left and didn't come back to pay, but it was also in poor taste that you published the story using her name.
    In the end the bill did get paid, but your big mouth got you fired. So much for envy.
    Manners go both ways, darling.

  14. You know what? She is an actress, so what. So she gets paid to pretend to be someone else. Good thing, because she is obviously self absorbed and rude, couldn't play herself and have a career. The point is, anyone with any sense of actual pride in one's self and any form of manners knows that you don't skip out on the check (if u are too busy to run back in with the money to pay your bill, you were too busy to stop and eat in the first place!), and if you don't have the common sense to know that waitstaff depends on every penny of their tips to make a livable wage, then you are ignorant and have no business being waited on by anyone! I for one am disgusted by the lifestyles celebrities live overall, and their overall lack of manners, compassion, or thought for the "nobodies" makes me sick to my stomach. People who feel entitled are truly only entitled to be outcast by the very people who pay their outrageous salaries by paying through the nose to only be disappointed by their crappy movies. There are some good people in the industry I'm sure, but overall Hollywood would do well to cut salaries. Let those uppity people learn to live like everyone else, maybe they'll learn something useful, not just cheesy lines nobody will remember 5 seconds after they leave the theater wishing they could get the last 2 hours of their life back, not to mention the $50 they just dropped to throw up in their mouths a little over the crap onscreen they just swallowed for the money! Overall, what a bitch! I want to send you a $3 tip just for putting up with her snotty mouth like a pro. If she doesn't want negative tweets about her, she shouldn't be out in public showing her ass in the first place!

  15. This is why I'm very, very glad that the most famous person I'm likely to meet or come across is the TV news caster.

  16. Well at least you don't have to wait on stuck up celebrities anymore. Your writing is great so maybe you should go that route and look into journalism. Second post said that her coming back in accounts for "something" but that seems to be only her reputation since she already knew about your comments on twitter. I bet she would have never come back in if you hadn't written that in the first place. Sorry that you lost your job but at least it exposes people for who they really are when others stand up for what they believe.

  17. it amazes me how many VERY fortunate "celebrities" forget what it is like to be a normal person scraping by once they gain some modicum of success. There are too many celebrities out there that are class acts are a lot more successful than JANE ADAMS to really even care about her in the first place. Her behaivor was wrong and once she got called on it she made a big show of returning to tip and getting the waiter fired. Maybe if she had been good to her word and returned to pay the bill like she said she would , then she would not have been embarrassed online(I like that she obviously trolls for her name online since she found some obscure Twitter about her though - weird huh?)

    I say to hell with Jane Adams. She may be a good actress, but she sounds like a shit person. Boycott her until she learns some manners

  18. Who doesn't have time to run a debit over the phone? To call for 5 minutes and rectify the situation? And what type of person needs their agent to pay for them? Hiring another person to clean up after your makes me sad. that is what is wrong with this world! I think it was genius of the agent not to pay the tip. Great way to teach a lesson. She needs to be taught to take care of people who care for her!

  19. It annoys me to no end how those with money don't give a rats ass about those who don't.

    Sure they may make "charitable contributions" but they are all tax deductable so basically they are just deciding where their tax donations are going.
    Everyone acts like they are doing this great thing, for example "cars for everyone" this money didn't come out of her pocket, it was a charitable donation.
    Make no mistake, these people know what they are doing.
    I'm sure Jane Adams payment wasn't from her pocketbook, it was from her agent whose job it is, is to protect the reputations of those they represent.
    If she actually cared, was embarrased or whatever, she'd have given you the $20.00 and not asked for change.

  20. I am amazed the way you put on twitter, the way you pendown the situation . you are a wonderful writter. i am glad that someone out their to twitte someone like glamours personality behaviour .

    YOu are great

  21. you're over-reacting. she told someone (her agent) to pay you. the idiot forgot the tip. she comes down to you thinking bitterly towards the agent. she feels it's only right to give your money.

    it's one thing if she came in complaining how she had to drive in traffic, jump hoops, and perform tricks just to get to you, but the fact that she came back says she actually cared to "right a wrong." she just doesn't think it's particularly funny she heard it on twitter BECAUSE she's uses it everyday.

  22. To Flo: You know what Flo? It is the wireless age baby, behave or be posted about in a negative way. What that waiter did was right on the money...I'm sure he would still have tweeted about a non-celeb with such poor manners as well. Celebs whine about the paparazzi, about fans, about everything that lines their pockets with all that money in the first place. Not to mention ridic demands about stupid crap like bottled water only from this spring that costs $10/bottle, my movie trailer isn't big enough, blah blah whine, bitch, poor pitiful me. NO, $1 million per movie isn't enough. They are disgusting. But once your face is out there, you had better expect to be publicly called out on that type of ungrateful behavior. Why do these celebs work so hard for their fame, and then constantly complain about it? Take it, or for the love of God, please LEAVE IT! There are plenty of talented folks out there who would be happy to take their place in the limelight. Besides Flo, why do you think she has an agent? Her public IMAGE! Can't get out of acting an ass these days, I don't care how good your agent is. HA at Jane Adams...That's what you get snooty little ingrate!

  23. BTW, anyone who thinks what she did was just fine....Skipping out on the bill and sending someone else to pay it for you, not leaving a tip, (hey, her agent represents her, it was HER RESPONSIBILITY!!), and then has a snotty attitude for being called out on it...You people are the problem with society today. If you think what she did was acceptable it's very plain...You also have no sense of personal RESPONSIBILITY! Get a dictionary and LOOK IT UP! RESPONSIBILITY! You want your opinion respected? Don't make excuses for irresponsible people. It is what it is.

  24. She should be ashamed of herself and most definitely needs a reality check. I truly hope you land on your feet. Sending you some good vibes.

  25. You are a great writer. Reminds me of Chuck Palahniuk. You should read him if you don't yet already (I'd be surprised.) I'm sorry this happened to you but hey what a damn good story.

  26. Not a fan of people who act like that as if their s**t doesn't stink.

  27. In my opinion, that actress should thank you for the publicity. Before I'd read about the incident you experienced, I'd never even heard of "Jane Adams" or "Hung." Good luck with finding a job in this tough economic time!

  28. I usually don't pay any attention to any Hollywood news or talk- celebrities and the things they do off-screen have never interested me in the slightest. I have worked in foodservice for over ten years, almost always as a cook. Famous and/or well-to-do people who would never have need to cook a steak, or bring it to someone, do not seem to have that 'understanding' of which you speak. Rather, I believe that the vast majority of them view people of our social stature as lesser individuals (ironic, because simply having such views makes THEM the inferiors) Even people of modest means who have never worked in a restaurant seem completely oblivious to the nature of our work. It's hell, and not a job that any idiot can excel in, contrary to popular belief.

    That being said, I have never left a waiter or waitress hanging, for one- and for two- I have NEVER left less than 5 dollars for a tip on a check of ANY amount (and I'm poor!), because I realize that person is trying to make their living off of me, and Im sorry but even twenty percent is not commensurate with the roughly hour-to-two that server just spent on me.

    BOTTOM LINE PEOPLE - if you don't have the money to tip generously, or if you have it but just have no intention of giving it up, DON'T EAT OUT! It makes you look cheap, tacky, and stupid. Sorry but this story plucked aa heartstring or two! ;)

  29. I would also be angry, if I were you. In MD, servers only make about $3 an hour, so the money they make is all from tips. I had a lot of friends that worked as waiters/waitresses, and they got stiffed out of tips all the time. And you can't say anything about it.

    And if something on Twitter makes you angry, don't read it! Seriously. Too many people have gotten in trouble for something said on Twitter or Myspace, or whatever. That impedes on your freedom of speech. Anything you could have said on Twitter is just as easily said to your buddy would could tell another buddy. SUE EM I SAY, it's the American way!

    I really hope you find your break, because that story was a bunch of crap. Some people are so busy walking around the world with their head in the ass to notice genuine people like you.

    If there isn't anything I hate more than selfish people, it's conceited people. Which I guess is the same thing.

  30. Yeah, I don't think this story deserves all the hullabaloo. I wish we lived in a world where everyone we encounter connected with us on a deep, personal level and understood that our dreams align with their dreams, and if they really took the time to know us, blah blah blah...

    Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Most of us are absorbed in the chaos of our own lives and can be forgetful. We don't have the time to personally connect with every person we meet. I'm guilty of it, you're guilty of it, and Jane Adams is guilty of it. I don't think her status as a well-paid television actress means she must make extra effort to avoid such behavior.

    By your own account, she seemed legitimately embarrassed by her mistake. She made attempts to rectify it. Instead of politely (and privately) asking the agent who paid her bill if a tip would be included, you publicly complained about it on a site available to anyone and everyone, and used her name. If a waiter did that to me, I'd be cross, too...but I don't have to worry about it, because I'm not on television. Jane Adams is, so she's getting dragged through the mud.

    Sorry, I just don't think you're the innocent victim and she's the ill-mannered bitch, as you're painting it. You were both in the wrong.

  31. Ok so ur not wrong at all... As to what I know USA is known for freedom of speech... Ur X Boss should buy himself a forrest and get lost in it... I mean im sure your tips are part of your pay and since that was the situation you have every right to say well hey she didnt leave no tip... And that CELEBRITY which IDK who she is should be ashamed of her self... What she thought only cause shes famous (IDK where cause in my hometown we dont know who she freaking is) she was gonna dine there for free... Bitch is crazy... You should contact a Lawyer or someone to help you out with this situation because I dont see a good reason why they fired you in the first place... And you have every right to complain to anyone or everyone you want... Only cause she Famous does not mean she has the right to pay whenever she want bitch it aint ur restaurant... and that was ur tip... and if it helps Im sorry it cost u ur job...

  32. Sorry, sir, but I can't sympathize with your "entitlement" attitude. This woman "owed" exactly what her agent paid--the stated price of her meal. Granted, it wasn't right of her, in the first place, to leave without paying, and it was to your credit (initially) that you allowed her the opportunity to rectify the matter gracefully. But to embarrass someone publicly (via tweeting) for not leaving a tip--which is not "owed" but a gift, is both unprofessional and, in my judgment, due cause for dismissal. You should not need to be "told" either beforehand or afterwards what you should already know--that it is wrong to publicly humiliate someone who is a customer at the establishment where you work--especially for such a small incident. FYI, I am not rich myself; in fact, I spent a couple of years driving cab a while back. And, yes, I can testify that the best tippers were those with the least money. No question. But I never would have thought to publicly humiliate someone who didn't tip me. A tip isn't "owed" me; it's a GIFT. If you don't like the type of work that depends largely on the generosity of others, then follow what others have suggested--continue to develop your talent for writing so you can find the type of job you'll really love. But, in the process, it will be to your advantage to "lose" the "the world owes me" attitude that would create an issue when someone "fails" to give you a GIFT. Best wishes (NOT written sarcastically).

  33. Wow - yes you are a good writer - write some books i will read. Also, 1st she left w/o paying and didn't come back to tell you that her agent was going to pay - POW right there. And for her to come back and give the $3 like she did. WAIT-I would have just given the whole $20 just b/c. Wow what a loser - remind me not to watch whatever she is in. Ppl need to learn respect.

  34. Very entertaining story. And, I don't care how flakey someone is, who "forgets" to pay a check after they've received decent food and service at a public establishment? She seemed to remember later to mention it to her agent..she should have heavily padded the tip for the inconvenience and embarrassment. Regarding your job: unless you've had other troublesome incidents, you should have received a reprimand, not a pink slip. And as long as you didn't sign any confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement, you might have been wrongfully terminated. Make sure you follow-up and Tweet with any updates! Good luck!

  35. IDK, Where i'm from me and my friends tip the waiter atleast 10 on anything other than a glass of water just bc we know they have to make a living too, I wudve thought the ritzy hollywood crows brightened people's days by tipping like 50, but idk.

  36. Jane Adams WHO?

    Anywhoo, I disagree with Flo & Mike Doc . Its the prinicple the waiter is dealng with Adams just happens to be famous so the heck what. The waiter is at liberty to talk about what happen to him regardless of a customers wealth or fame. Im glad she's a celeb. Now every one will know she's a total dweeb as well.

    Barney's should hire that young man back and bar Adams from the restaurant. She left without paying, isnt that a crime?

    The nerve of that looser agent and Adams to leave the guy a $3 tip. $300 would have been more appropriate for all the trouble they put the guy through. They both owe the waiter an apology. I agree with TankieGirl too.

    By the way dude you need to be a screen writer or something. I think in all of this you've found your nitch.

  37. I used to work as a bellman and as a chauffeur and have seen or heard all the stories. I have a friend that picked up Shaq in a 6 passenger limo and he needed more room to stretch his legs. I was just getting off of a run in a 9 passenger stretch so my friend called me up and told me the situation. I hurried and cleaned/vaccummed/washed the stretch and exchanged cars with my friend just so Shaq could ride in a car without bending his legs. Tip? Yeah right! I always got the best tips from people I did not expect it from. I remember working as a bellman I got a $10 tip from a guy who used a cardboard box as his luggage.

  38. I am VERY, VERY HAPPY that you lost your job.

    You know why? Because you're actually more concerned about tips and tweeting about stars who come to dine at the restaurant you're in, instead of just doing you're business.

    You must be happy you make it to yahoo news, eh? Oh, and curious people like me, we go check your blog to read the story. Wow, that's a major traffic booster, right?

    Although stars who give tips could mean that they are generous and all, you can't expect them to do so all the time. Intentionally forgetting about YOUR TIP or not, it is still UNPROFESSIONAL of you to talk about them dining at the place you work in. You destroy the restaurant's appeal of PRIVACY.

    Stop talking about celebrities and VIPs (no matter how stupid some of them really are) especially if you're working in a place that's full of them. If they found out that someone from their favorite hang-outs is following their affairs, they back off and "hide" elsewhere - and the establishment lost its important customers and its significant profit.

    Eventually the establishment will lost its trust on you and so you lost your job.

  39. Hi there, got here from the Yahoo article.

    I grew up in L.A. and am now very jaded and work in Human Resources. I wanted to let you know that you could have a wrongful termination case on your hands. I am not sure what the restaurant policy/handbook states, but I am sure there isn't anything in there about Twittering. If it is something you want to pursue, you should contact a lawyer.

    And the comment posted by "fashion killer"...I bet you are a bad tipper...which makes you a bad person...

  40. I read the story on yahoo news.

    Your restaurant is SO stupid to fire you for this.

    That actress behaved SO stupidly.

    Twitter, facebook, blogs belong to individuals. They are for fun, for venting, for whatever. They should *not* be used to get people in trouble over idiotic things.

  41. This is the first time I've heard of your ordeal, being a server for 30 years I feel where your comming from. I have no idea who that actress was (never heard of her or her show) but some people who are lucky enough to land a job on tv seem to think their all that and a bag of chips. Well SHAME on her for putting you in that position in the first place did she bother to say why she "went to her car to get her wallet" and never came back in the first place? I think if you post something on your personal page then too bad your job NEVER should have fired you! But don't worry cause I'm sure I'll be reading a book you wrote or seeing a movie you've written cause man you can write! so just go for your dreams and be happy you don't work for such a shallow company anymore!

  42. By firing u, the restaurant has displayed poor management skills. they should have talked to you about the incident and atmost warned you about possible policy violations.

    There are plenty of opportunities out there, just hang in there buddy. Have u thought about writting on a serious note? This blog can become famous and before u know it, ur ripping profits from ads. just write anything on your mind. That minor incident may turn out to be your turning point in life, don't let go of the opportunity.

  43. because i don't sympathize with the author's drama doesn't i'm a bad tipper.

    he's a good writer and a "tweeter," but not a waiter.

    Pour your heart out for this "poor little fellow" who was "dehumanized" by his celebrity customer now, because in a month or two he will have a nice-paying job in the press.

    i love his superb recalling of the incident, btw. how detailed, how vivid, how emotional...

  44. Can you say, Lawsuit? You have the damm right to sue them for firing you.

  45. ........I'm not gonna say anything about what happened....But I will say you WILL receive a job from another place of business(not from me or anyone I know). Someone out there with a good business will look at your your story & hire you. And the thing might just get paid more than your previous job.

    So for all the people that say.."I'm glad you got fired"...Surprise!

  46. @The Fashion Killer

    you are a douche

  47. I waited on Troy Aikman and his best bud in the airport in Orlando on time. Surprising, they forgot to tip also.

  48. To: Mr. Been there...Obviously, sir, you haven't been there...i mean in the service industry. A service is provided by a person whose JOB is to serve and like any other job when its done in an expected professional way a remuneration is also expected. The amount is to your discretion depending on the quality of service and, yes if the service was that bad you shouldnt be expected to tip . Yes, we the people in the service industry (we are also people, who should be treated with respect and dignity) depend largely on the generosity of people with common sense out there, thank God for them. The restaurant always get paid, we dont always get paid specially by people that go around in this life with a perspective like yours or like that actress's, who by the way was just trying to do damage control of her public image. People that dont even have a basic respect for another person's job because in your ignorance and hers, seem to think is an inferior job. Your GIFT perspective on the matter is disrispectful and ignorant. You are just as petty as her!

  49. Your Boss and her are both ass holes!!!!

  50. Anyone who thinks a tip is a "gift", again I say...GET A DICTIONARY! Seriously! I have never worked in the food industry (other than fast food in high school), but that does not make me uneducated on the actual work involved in food service. Waitstaff is on their feet anywhere from 4 - 10 hours straight, handling multiple tables and orders simultaneously, running front to back all day. BTW, most waitstaff is responsible for making all their order's salads, non-alcohalic beverages, and deserts, while getting your food to you hot and fresh from the kitchen. You seriously don't think you have an obligation to tip the person who worked so hard to make your dining experience enjoyable? I would imagine that if you are that unappreciative, you've probably eaten your fair share of "special sauce" infused meals. Disgusting as that may be, you disrespect the wrong service person I guarantee you have had some nasty things put in your food. Tipping may not be mandatory, but anyone with common sense and manners understands that it is both expected and usually well earned. That server you treat like crap and tip poorly, probably has blisters on their feet, a sore back, and a smile on their face when they serve you. Been There and Fashion Killer are obviously ignorant about what most people consider common sense.

  51. To Javier: Sorry, but you are 100% wrong about me. Not only have I definitely "been there" (I'd say driving a cab in Phila. for two years plus is definitely "there"), but I have been in the service industry for virtually my entire life (over 60 years now). I am in the service industry as I write these lines. I have often received generous "tips" from others and much appreciated them; I have also had times when no tip at all was forthcoming. The point: I chose my life work knowing part of my income depended on the generosity (or sometimes lack thereof) of others who would be served by me. A tip has no meaning if it is not freely given--i.e. once again, a GIFT. The reality--as all service providers know--is that, for the most part, those with very little themselves are the most likely to give both cheerfully and generously. Those with the greatest wealth are quite often the stingiest. But I am no longer "serving" when a tip/gift becomes a "demand" or expectation in exchange for respectful service on my part. I would not dream of (intentionally) humiliating those I serve--especially for a slight as small (initially at least) as the one experienced in this case.

  52. Wow, I understand you, its the principle. I don't understand why your boss would fired you for that? That actress sounds like an ass.

  53. I just read your account. I don't even know the actress so I'm not defending her. However, she is upset because you made her look bad publicly, not because she had to go pay you $3.... And I don't think SHE cost you your job. YOU cost yourselve your job for being indiscreet. If it was no big deal and knowing that you work for a place that stars frequent, you should have just kept it to yourself..... Sorry you lost your job though. It's an expensive lesson to learn.

  54. I'm thinking she didn't tip you because she probably doesn't have that much money anyway. I mean, life's been rough since 'Frasier' went off the air. Then again, she could just be rude and unappreciative. And obscure. And marginally talented.

    Hopefully this will pan out for you. It's all over the news, dude!

  55. She must be an ignorant ass. How dare she not come back and pay her bill,then not tip and also calculate $3!!! Shame on her. Why the company gave a shit is beyond me too. They should not care about some customer that walked out with out paying. It should of been a warning for you and that's it. Well, blessing in disguise for sure. That sort of job would drive me nuts. No matter what anyone says what she did was uncalled for. By the way I used to be a server and am now a successful business owner, I am one of those people that don't forget how it "was". Good luck with your future endeavors!

  56. Personally, I never heard of her or her show, but yea, I'm with the rest, hope something positive comes out of it for you. If you had waited on me, you would have gotten at least a $3 tip. Those Hollywood types don't surprise me. You didn't deserve to lose your job over it, but hey, it happens. I blog about all kinds of shit, but I'm not on Twitter. My blog is PRIVATE and I like it that way. Good luck to you. You're a great writer.

  57. Been There - Please move around to another blog. In your genre they probably gave you a hand shake or cookies at Christmas w/ a possible tip. You've been there but we're HERE NOW AND.....


    Now to those of us in the here & now let's get back to the business at hand.


    Fashion Killer or you for real, Adams life IS highly public, she's a celeb for crying out loud. If the waiter didn't pointed it out the celebrity magazines certainly would've found something. So let a little air out your head and rethink that one again. Oh yeah, if you come up with a similar blog UUH just don't.

  58. you have given the resturant 5 years of your service and due to the lack of respect one customer had of coming back, you voiced your opinion and was fired for it. what am i (a cavalry scout of the us army) fighting for when a waiter gets fired for letting people know how rude famous people can be? you are better off, time with family is of the utmost importance these days. you should not of been fired for voicing your opinion that is your right that is what men and women fight for in our military. take no flak from anyone sir, you did right. god bless


  59. O.k., I'll clarify a few points and get on to a more productive use of my time:
    (1) ANYONE doing honest work is worthy of equal respect no matter how much or little one is paid. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't be doing service work myself.
    (2) In an ideal world--which this obviously is not--everyone would receive not only a living wage, but one that reflected the total respect any hard-working human being deserves. We obviously do not live in such a world. When I myself am served well by someone else in the service industry, I do in fact respect reality and aim to tip generously. Anything else would truly be disrespectful. (I can't remember ever not tipping at all, even when service was less than adequate.) We're (most of us, I think) on the same page here.
    (3) I'm not in any respect justifying the actions of the Hollywood prima donna in this story, who, in my opinion, truly acted in a disrespectful and condescending manner.
    (4) My primary point, however, is that, in my worldview, true service appreciates gratitude (i.e., in this case, tipping) but does not demand it as a condition for service rendered. Look at it this way, if someone tips you only out of fear of retribution or (as in this case, for example) exposure of some sort, is that truly an expression of respect and gratitude or is it merely a mild form of "extortion?"--though that may be too strong a term. I'd much rather receive a dollar from someone who was truly thankful for my service than a hundred dollars from someone who gave it out of fear of the consequences if he/she didn't fork it over (though I'm sure I WOULD take the $100!).

    By the way, I'm NOT living in the past; I'm very much in the "here and now," finally building the first home of our own after more than 30 years of marriage. yep, it's been a long haul.
    And, hey, let's be a bit more respectful of each other as fellow bloggers. One shouldn't need to fear that expressing an honest opinion will result in mockery from someone else. We CAN make this a better world for all of us if we TRULY respect each other.

    O.k. I'm done. Take it or leave it.

    A Pastor (who, by the way, has never charged for "extra" services such as weddings, funerals, or baptisms)--Yep, I've been there and still am. Cheers and best wishes to all!

  60. What a bitch to come in and cop an attitude when she was clearly in the wrong. Hopefully, next time she gets served it will be a big plate full of karma.

    [Also what idiot cannot figure out a 20% tip)! Just moved the decimal and multiply by 2! Sheesh!]

    Also she did you a big favor. You ought to pursue writing.

  61. To Been There: Its not the small amount or the 3 dollars, its the principle, its about respect or the lack of it in this case. There is a difference between waiter-server and servant. The first one nowadays is a decent job that supports a big amount of families in this country, the second one is a condition that existed a long long time ago when people used to own people...BTW He didnt humiliate this actress...she totally humiliated herself!. Again, your perspective is outdated.

  62. Small town Texas here; a former co-worker of mine decided to search for a woman on MySpace when the woman was incessantly rude and didn't tip her. She dressed the woman down PERSONALLY, not via public blog. The server was immediately fired after the guest called the corporate office. I've also seen several posts on Craigslist from waiters who've become frustrated with the apparent ignorance and rudeness of some of the people they wait on.

  63. If she had a cell phone she could have called her agent from the table...she could have logged into PayPal and sent money that way...called her bank...called her assistant...asked you to pay for her and come back...done any number of different things.

    What was she doing there in the first place? Shopping? Without any identification or way of paying? Did she have an account with the store?

    At this point I hope the next time she is on a late night show plugging her work they have you come out and toss the $3 back at her with, "thanks, but it seems the value of your ignorance is worth more to me than your gratuity."

    There was a line by Steve Martin in 'My Blue Heaven', "I tip everyone. It's not tipping I believe in - it's overtipping."

  64. It's not about money, it's about the principle! You trusted her to let her go to her car...she LEFT! Others had to take it as a loss! I'm assuming her 'agents' only called to pay the bill - and only the bill - because they heard about the situation and as for her coming in, giving you only $3.00 after she lied & left, didn't pay the bill for days(then it was through her agents), I believe she could have given a better tip just for the trouble and inconvenience she caused you and the company! What a worthless waste of air! I will never watch anything she does!
    She deserved the tweet and more!
    Best of Luck!

  65. What a tool. I love social media! Especially when whiners shoot themselves in the foot. Don't worry, it should take you about 10 minutes to find another minimum wage job.

  66. Bottom line she should have paid her debit and left a reasinable tip, she has a job for God's sake. What's her problem!!! And your boss should be ashamed he let you go, she was WRONG! No worries though, when God closes one door he opens another. Good luck to you!

  67. I think it was wrong you have every right to express your feelings within the right text... she was wrong to act like a jerk cause of a twitt blog... she can apperantly take anything with grace... an with a crappie tip... you will find something better

  68. I think it was wrong you have every right to express your feelings within the right text... she was wrong to act like a jerk cause of a twitt blog... she cant apparently take anything with grace... an with a crappie tip... you will find something better***

  69. I am so sorry that you got fired from your job I understand and I dont understand. The actress acted like a total bitch; she only choose to consider you and her responsibility after she got called out on it. I personally like the show she is on but now it kind of turns me off to the show.

    I hope you get a better job with a restaurant that has a sense of humor or at least a one of understanding and patience we are all people and we all make mistakes get frustrated and aggravated by other people. But at the end of the day; we are all human.

    The actress should have understand that considering who her character is on the HUNG show. Maybe Art does imitate life, or maybe not because she has not grown as an adult but as a child who got caught not being consider of another human being and there situation.

    Best of Luck to you

  70. just read about your getting fired - that sucks - the little actress sounds like a spoiled brat - she should offer you a job

  71. Does anyone have any idea what happened to the actress when she left the restaurant? She was embarrassed and rattled by your own account and evidently sincere in her promise to return enough to convince you. So what distracted her? There is your assumption that she purposefully left, but her agent came to fulfill the bill before you twittered so that indicates more flakiness on her part than intentional deception ... and if she's out of town it would make sense for a representative to handle the bill omission as quickly as possible. It is truly ridiculous the agent glitched on the tip, but is far more unfortunate for you to have Twittered, naming names from your place of work to the actress herself. In print, for heaven's sake!

    Ouch, I'm sorry, but that public forum event has established you as a loose cannon. Your ex-boss had his business name plus reputation being bandied about with no idea what else you might voice about more of their customers ... so he committed damage control and showed you the door despite five years of service. What you did in his perspective was unforgivable in light of his clientele. You may think that you have grounds for suit but, caution, reality is that the majority of civil court judges will find this case comic relief ... Ms. Adams has more grounds for "defamation of character" no matter how tacky you think her presentation of a $3 tip. She faced off in person versus your backbiting on Twitter ... as I'm betting that’s her perspective on the whole mess hence her bitchy face-off. Neither of you are on solid ground as far as socially acceptable manners.

    Please be careful in your moment in the media sun. The fallout may not necessarily align in your favor. The movie moguls of your hopeful future employment are of a generation that does not warm to entitlement attitude and they may readily assume that vice of you, right or wrong, as much as you assumed the worst of Ms. Adams, right or wrong. Remember how the word "assume" is spelled as it frequently comes back to haunt every one of us in our less-than-altruistic life moments.

    A reality snapshot in a life’s-not-fair world ... good luck!

  72. Clearly, you should tweet more often.... Or, figure out how to get paid to tweet :)

  73. Wow~. The one thing I really hate about the whole thing is the fact that she was upset about it. I mean, don't get me wrong. I understand both situations perfectly, but she should have considered your feelings about it. Three bucks ain't a big deal, it was the situation that counted. Besides, how surprised was she REALLY? How much would the tip be out of the $13.75; surely not a twenty. Can't really say much else; done, passed, gone.

    Everything happens for a reason~ even the tiniest things.

  74. I've been in the service industry for a while myself and what this woman did to you is a crime basically and she should be arrested for theft for not paying her bill! Shes no better than Winnona Ryder for shoplifting!!! Especially since she was a celebrity and people knew who she was makes it even more of a crime. Granted it wasn't very much its the point of the matter! Nothing in this life is free especially when it comes to business and services that are provided for people! She got what she deserved and actually got off light cus now people that read this blog on Yahoo and Twitter will now know that Jane Adams is thief and liar and a lousy tipper to boot! When someone doesn't pay there check in the service industry or walks out on a check the server is responsible for paying the difference or gets written up or fired! Forget the Fuckin' tip! Thats just a slap in the face cus your losing more money from the rest of your tips! Someone is held accountable for that persons actions and her being a actress doesn't make what she did less of a crime! Another thing people should think about when they go out and I stress this to all you people who have never waited tables or been in the FOOD service industry is to watch the movie "WAITING" and you'll never forget to pay a check or forget to leave a tip to a server ever again! NEVER FUCK WITH A SERVER!!!! We bring you your food and your drinks so you should know better! If I were you buddy I would see about wrongful termination and see about a lawsuit if you talk to an attorney and they think you have a legitmate case which I'm sure you do with this case in point, but you never know! You definetely didn't deserve to get terminated over someones elses mistake/crime! And her having her pay the NEXT day doesn't make it any better and if she was a decent person her tip should have been at least 3 times the amout of the bill or more for your inconvenience! Thats just my opinion though! Maybe if she had any common sense she wouldn't be getting all this bad press over something so simple! People wouldn't Twitter about people if they weren't idiots and thieves and it is Freedom of Speech and this guy does not deserve to get fired for someone elses idiocy! I salute you sir and keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll find something betta than where you were if thats all they're concearned about is bad press about their celebrity customers who forget to pay their tabs and then lie about coming back to pay for it! She probably would never have come back and paid for the check if she didn't read about it on Twitter anyways! If this ruins her career or makes it miserable for her to go out in public cus shes an idiot then I say she got what she deserves!!!!!

  75. Best of luck to you, bro! Anyone who has ever been a server understands.

  76. What she done was wrong. By not paying for the bill she is stealing, just like a criminal. Why did she or her agent wait two days before calling about the bill. IS SHE BROKE. I think that she should of be arrested or at least got a ticket for not paying. If she did not have her wallet with her then she should of spoke to the manager and he/she could of handled it. That way it would not of been your problem. Just because she is a celebrity does not mach her better than any regular person. Or maybe she is from another world. I really do not know who she is. As for them letting you go because of what you expressed on Twitter, that is got to be againist the law because of FREEDOM OF SPEECH ACT. Since that business seemed to not care about a customer not paying then they are a bad place to work and must not provide good customer service. So hope things get better for you and do like the some people do tell all of your family and friends about that resturants bad business pratices and in the near future the will lose business. Or just GIVE EVERY CUSTOMER FREE MEALS.

  77. What a bitch! I'm a server and know how it feels and if someone skips out you are usually responsible.. she could've at least come back and left something for collateral, obviously she has SOME money. And just come back you give you $3 was just petty and to throw it in your face I wouldn't of taken it!

  78. What a bitch to get you fired like that just because she thinks she's too good to pay a $13 check!!!

  79. Brother, you could WRITE A BOOK about cheap ass celebs. I have TWO stories involving celebs.

    Once while working in a restaurant/nightclub in New York City, I waited on a group of 15 people. This group involved a T.V. star honcho and his "Fly Girls"... o.k. they were from a very popular show in the 1980's called "In Living Color". Every time I went to the table, one or two people ordered a drink. This went on for about 2 hours. Suddenly, they up and started leaving--without paying their check! I had to print it up and chase them down. When I got to the head honcho in charge, o.k. it was Keenan Ivory Wayans, I gave him the check ala, "excuse me?..." I'll never forget it was $168.00. Now I had been nothing but nice to all of these people-- no snarkiness, no impatience, no backtalk, nothing but polite--it was a very nice place after all. KIW's sister says: "Just give him exactly $168.00" Then she laughs and says: "Just kidding..." I was dumbstruck. So guess what? He gives me a 10 dollar tip. TEN DOLLARS for two hours of running my ass off ragged!

    The second story is even better because it involves someone even more famous: Arnold Schwartzenager and his wife Maria Shriver. They came into a restaurant I worked in Miami Beach. It was her birthday and I remember this because it occurred about the same day as my birthday in early November. They had dinner and paid the check. Then they decided to have cake and champagne at the bar. I worked the bar (not the tables) and so when I served the champagne I said to Maria: "Happy Birthday! Just to let you know, my birthday was yesterday!" Very friendly. She just gave me a very icey "oh". That was it. Very cold. No smile or "Happy birthday" in return.

    BUT, then the soon to be California Gov and his wife eat their cake and drink their champagne and... up they go and out the door-- WITHOUT PAYING! I ran up to the owner and asked: "Was that on the house?" He looked at me completely perplexed..."No... but just forget about it." He, too, was disgusted.

    Since then nothing astounds me about how the rich and famous think they are somehow more deserving than everyone else. It's really sickening.

  80. I am so sorry about what happened to you!

    I NEVER heard of "Jane Adams".....looks like your getting fired helped make her popular ~ AT YOUR EXPENSE!

    I will BOYCOTT Barneys....and take my business to Nordstrom!!!

    Jane Adams was WRONG and I will never watch her show and am writing a letter to HBO.

    Hey what goes around...comes around ~ Maybe "Miss Jane" will be out of a job soon and have to wait tables!

    (oh the irony :-)

  81. She was absolutly wrong in skipping out and the way she conducted business. BUT, you should have taken the high ground and not postied your rant either. You have to look at it from your former employers angle. How many customers would keep coming back if they knew if they didn't leave enough or any kind of tip that they were going to be trashed on the Net. 2 wrongs did not and will never make a right.

  82. You are an awesome writer. Just go with the flow. Yes the economy is tough but you have to work with what you have. You obviously have writing and communication skills. Or you may even have somethin on your mind that you have been wanting to pursue. This is your time to shine like a star!

  83. So, what are you REALLY going to do with all your NEW FOUND FAME (sans fortune)? How long will it be before you forget the trials and tribulations of your literal "salad days"?! I don't mean to make light of your situation, I'm sure everything will work out GREAT for you, if it already hasn't. :)

  84. Screw her buddy... Something better is on your way!!!



  86. My beef is with your former employer, what is their problem? Barney's the butthead joint! Jane is in the wrong here and from her attitude she remains in the wrong. You were the good guy and let her walk without paying. Why did she NOT KEEP HER WORD and get the wallet and come back in and pay? Lack of quality I would say. Good luck in everything, you were the better person in all of this.

  87. I was absolutely disgusted when I read about this incident on OMG. Not with you, but with Miss Jane and Barney's. The shame is on them.
    This whole thing is about the violation of your constitutional right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! A right that many of our fathers and grandfathers fought, and died, to protect. For those of you commenters who think they had every right to do this, you might as well go spit in their faces, and on their graves. For that matter, I hope you all lose your jobs someday for venting about your frustrations.
    Waiters and waitresses are among the lowest paid, hardest working folks around. They depend on their tips to support their families. I am not rich by any means, but I always tip generously. My husband has a habit of forgetting to tip, I am ashamed to admit, but then again he has no class. He's never had to bust his butt for that skimpy little paycheck. I regularly must re-enter restaurants to track down our server and make his wrong right.I remember the days I waited tables for $2.00 an hour, the only reason I stayed is because the tips were awesome and made it worthwhile. I used to tell people my tips pay my bills, my checks pay for shampoo.
    Also, for you idiots who commented that it was O.K. because her agent paid the bill..Remember that if that was you, you would have received a humiliating ride downtown in the back of a cop car, not to mention a pesky trial and hefty court fine, even if you came back in 3 days later and paid the tab. Because we are just normal folks, and if we break the law, they don't let us off with a tickle and a smile. I've never skipped out on a check in my life, but if I did I would fully expect a trip to the pokey.
    I hope little Miss Jane's friend reads this, or better yet, Miss Jane herself. What she pulled was the lowest, and guess what, Kharma's a bitch. You will get your just deserts, and this time there will be no skipping out on the check!!!

  88. Today, everything is public. Even if it's something small that seemingly doesn't feel like much to you, it puts your company between a rock and a hard place because your advertisement of the situation means they might potentially lose a [severely embarassed] customer/client. Other clients might read about what happened and realize what they do isn't kept between themselves and their server but rather will be publicized on twitter or a blog. Celebrities find respite at restaurants, where paps and the tabloids are kept outside, when someone on the inside exploits any of their flaws, it just doesn't bode well.

    It sucks you got stiffed but had it been an "ordinary" person, would you really have bothered to tweet about it? Probably not, you said yourself, you want THAT life- you milked the siutation for all its worth and no matter how you slice it, you found a good PR opportunity to promite yourself, your blog, and your future actor career. Kudos for having to exploit someone else to do it!

  89. First, I think that your employer was a little extreme in firing you; not unjustified, but a litle overboard. Your Tweet comment was simply wrong. As a service employee, you would never question a customers failure to tip in person. Why, then, is it ok to question it on a Tweet? There is an even bigger issue. The tone of your Tweet and several of these comments imply that the customer intentionally snubbed you. It is likely that she (or more likely the agent) simply forgot about the tip in this unusual circumstance. Maybe careless, maybe thoughtless, but certainally not malacious. Your Tweet attacked her character, and guess what-people usually don't take being attacked so well. Even worse, it simply is not your position, as a waiter, to question a customers character. That is why you got fired. Interestingly, in your slashfood article you said "I just became the guy that brought her soup." Guess what; you ARE just the guy that brought her soup. Get over it and move on to the next table.

  90. Once again people prove the fact that the world is getting worst every day. Ok, so she was a “star”, big deal! Just a working person who is on TV. Does not make them any better than the rest of the world. There was a time when people wanted to become stars and enjoyed the limelight. And a part of the big payoff was being in the public eye. But when it comes to dinning out, tips are a gift and I agree with that, but should one of the working class people not paid the bill we would be breaking laws. If I had forgot my cash in the car, and the waiter was such a person to allow me to go get it, there is no way I would NOT tip them well. They put their butt on the line for my mistake. And to let it go for a day, or two and have someone call and pay the bill. They should have called the business and let them know what happened and that someone would be taking care of it. And tip? YES, like the working person who allowed me to leave and put their job on the line should have been tipped. Well and with a BIG “I am so sorry for any problems this may have caused.” If she had any type of good upbringing, she would not only have come in and gave a tip, along with an apogee, she would have made sure to let the bosses know what a good guy the waiter was for letting her leave. She should be in the waiters corner right now, not sitting back thinking how he shamed her. For me, until I read ANYWHERE that she has stood up for this guy, I will no longer watch anything she is in. Time for stars to understand they are better paid working people.

  91. She seemed to cop a my-poop-doesn't-stink attitude(and I detest that), but I still think Jane Adams is hot.

  92. Good luck in life, JB. You were wrongfully fired! You are an awesome writer and you should go onto Journalism and become (how ironic) a magazine Editor! :-)

  93. She only came back because she didn't want her friends to think bad of her.True Character is based on what you do when NO ONE is looking or will ever find out! What a great lesson for us to learn from...HAH! I think you handle it with class to bad the upper class didn't do that, she should have came back and payed her bill like she said she would!
    Congrats on having time with your daughter :)

  94. I feel for you man. I can't imagine someone firing you over someone that is perceived as important. We are all just people I thought. Well, it's now on Yahoo!, so the world gets to now see the true person she seems to be. What's wrong with coming to you with a smile and giving you the 3 bucks. That smile could have been worth so much more to you both. She deserves the bad publicity. You take care, and thanks for the story!

  95. I think it was considerate of you to write about her as an anonymous character, you never once mentioned her name during this blog entry, I only knew it because I landed here from a news site that ironically someone who is a new follower of mine tweeted about! The story is a good one even though all the characters maintain anonymity. Good luck and I hope all this publicity does something nice for you!

  96. Ps- I hope that people see through the real indignity here, which is that restaurants should not be able to fire good employees (you mentioned something about 5 years? I don't know if that's your total waiting experience or your time at this job but either way...) over a tweeting mishap, or what they publicly express on their personal blog, and if they are going to include that in their grounds for dismissal, they should be required to inform their employees about that possibility upon their training.

  97. Wake up SleepingDreamer, even though you were making a semi-valid EyesWideShut point, until you erroneouly implied that this waiter exploited Adams to gain recognition. ARE YOU FOR REAL! He didn't twitter to gain notoriety or fame.

    Sleep, you're a person the ole' folks say "talk out of both sides of their mouth". In other words, you seem have the propensity to talk like you're on someone's side initially but in the end you sway and say what you really feel, but by that time no one really cares or trust what you say. Have a firm resolve or resolve to be quiet.

    EXPLOIT HAS TO DO WITH SELFISH GAIN WHICH USUALLY HAS TO DO WITH MONEY: The waiter lost his job of 5 years in which he used to support his daughter. Wonder if Ms. Adams agent thought about his little girl before she decided to complain to Barney's and get the man fired thus taking food out of this innocent childs mouth among other things. NOOOOOOOOO, of course she didn't. She's to busy trying to cover for a "Restaurant Check Skipper" who could've been charged with a crime if pursued -THEFT OF SERVICE- i believe, whether she came back and paid would not have matter to a judge or jury for that fact.

    I hope whatever retribution the waiter gets the judge makes them set up a college fund for the waiters little girl who also has to suffer thru this.

    Why couldn't Barney's take up for the little guy for a change instead of looking out for THEIR OWN BEST INTEREST, I'm sure profits would have continued to rolled in. They could have had a chat with the guy & sent him back to work. HAVE THE EMPLOYEES BACK FOR A CHANGE!

  98. I'm glad there's no Barney's in Canada. And if there was, I wouldn't give them my business. Twitter is a social networking tool and yes, what we put out there is out there forever...that this actress felt her neck is as it should be. You spoke and you were heard. To be fired for freedom of speech? Some corporate policy from a very $$$$ store. The word "snob" comes to mind. Oh and while I don't know this actress and have never seen her work -- I will obviously boycott her as well should the occasion arise.

  99. I can see why you got fired... I don't mean you're a bad person, I mean that if you were still working there, people would hesitate to go there because they didn't want to be tweeted about, and it would lessen the service there. So yeah, I completely understand why you were fired.

  100. Yeah I don't think you should have been fired. Maybe someone could have told you not to tweet about the job, but fire you? really? Whatever weasley restaurant manager fired you was wrong.

  101. Hi J.B.
    I know you from your high school days and just want to tell you you're as sweet and adorable as you were back then. Jane Adams played a snobby woman in "Frasier" and it seems as though it was type casting, in retrospect, judging from her recent behavior. Really, watch some old episodes of "Frasier" and you'll see her act exactly the way she behaved with you. You do write well, J.B. and I hope very much you find a better job. Congratulations! You have a daughter!!! I have such fond memories of you and my daughter in "Hello Dolly". You lit up the stage in that musical. I've wondered about you over the years and am delighted you're pursuing acting. GOOD FOR YOU! I will keep you in my prayers.
    I am still Angela's and Joe's and Michael's mom in Napa. xo

  102. I have to admit I'm a little late hearing about this story, but actually coming to your blog, reading your side of the story, I gotta say, and many people have already said it, but you have some serious talent as a writer. It's stupid that when some people make it big, they forget. They just stop remembering what makes them human and they forget how to connect with people who were at one point in time just like them. 90% of actors/actresses have had humble beginnings and they'd sooner forget who and what made them what they are rather than embrace and understand. The fact that she made that much fuss over three dollars, is just appalling. I fully believe that had you not mentioned it on Twitter, you wouldn't have even seen those three dollars. Then don't even get me started on how disloyal your employers were. They'd rather kiss her ass and save face as a business, rather than do the right thing. It seems like you caught hell from all sides and it sucks. It will get better for you. Your goals would mean nothing if you didn't have to struggle first to get them. Keep doing what you're doing and keep your head up man, a lot of good will come your way if you keep pushing for it.

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