Friday, November 20, 2009


I know that some people go for months and even years without sex. I know that this exists because friends have told me so. "Oh man, yeah, it's been six months since I had sex." - for example. I don't think that I've gone longer than one month since I became sexually active and I really don't want to imagine what my personality would be like should I ever have a longer drought than that. I'm also what people tend to call a serial monogamist which makes it easy.

It's like the difference between being a freelancer and having a 9 to 5. Yeah, sometimes 9 to 5ers just don't want to go to work - it's predictable, boring and can feel like you're just marking time while those freelancers hop from job to job, sleeping late between gigs and racking up stories.
But here's the thing, a freelancer is always hustling and right around the time they're running out of money and wondering how it got to be 4 months between jobs, the 9 to 5er is strolling into work, relaxed and taken care of thinking how much they appreciate steady and reliable.*

Now I'm not making a blanket statement about being single versus being monogamous in general- both have their benefits. I am saying that if you like to have sex, regularly, being in a relationship seems to be a better bet because as far as I can tell, the swinging single is a myth. Being single just means you get to potentially have sex with more people less often - whether you're a guy or a girl....but especially if you're a girl. And if you're willing to have lots of stranger sex then you're really taking a risk in the quality department. Not a worthy trade in my opinion.

Sex is on the brain. Why? Well, I just read a book called The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, for one.** For another, it's probably been two weeks now since I last did the dirty despite being coupled up with the baby daddy. I would say that this blows my theory out of the water, but two weeks is still a distant cry from 6 months. Ugh. I'm so annoyed with sex right now.

*This is a somewhat elaborate and not entirely successful metaphor for sex. Obviously.
**Gave me an entirely new perspective on the Swedes. It was good, but I definitely felt a little blindsided by the content to be honest with you. It was disturbing.

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  1. Fun read. Great posts all around too, you two do great stuff.