Monday, January 4, 2010

Chin up young person

Happy 2010!
After taking an extended hiatus from our blog, I'm back with more observations, rants, boring stories and other topics that have nothing to do with being a waiter or twitter (my apologies to those of you who are solely Jon-Barrett fans. You'll have to pester him for more writing since my threat tactics only make him giggle. Probably because it involves tickling.)
Now, I'm not promising to write every day or making any half-cocked resolutions about this, but I quietly intend to write at least once a week whether I'm feeling witty or not....
Shoot. That sounds an awful lot like a resolution. My only official resolution this year is to stand up (and sit up ) straight. That's it. To be constantly mindful of my posture. I feel like that's all I can handle for 2010. I need to cleanse my palate of all the overblown and lofty goals that I've set over the past few years. Because it's a really big disappointment to start the year with the intention of getting a lead role in an indie film bound for Sundance and end the year not only not having done that, but not being able to make my $300 car payment come January 1st, AGAIN.
After awhile it feels silly to make a list of how many commercials I'll book and how much money I'll make when I don't even have enough money to buy diapers. And my hard drive on my computer crashed and I need to get my teeth cleaned before my gums start receding because I haven't been to the dentist in 10 years and I somehow managed to gain 10 lbs. over the past few weeks so that even if I did get that magical opportunity to be a Bond girl they'd throw me off the set before I even put my bikini top on.
How do I go from being a 29 year old parent who doesn't even have the very basics of life handled to being a movie star? I don't. That's what it seems like. So some years I resolve and envision and Secret it up with all my big dreams and some years I get practical and make lists about cleaning credit and saving money, but no matter what, I'm still not a movie star and my credit score is still 550.
So, this year I'm just going to stand straight, keep my chin up and breathe. And maybe if I'm lucky I won't cop out on blogging once a week either.


  1. I like it, Mimi - start small (and important).

    And by the way, people who clearly don't have their shit together get catapulted into fame every day! (Lindsay Lohan?) So be prepared to be the world's first 10-ponds-overweight-receding-gum-line Bond Girl. HAWT

  2. Thanks Jen! Good point (as usual) especially about Lindsey Lohan. And who knows? Even if I'm not in a Bond movie until I'm 60, I could still play his mother!

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